Sunday, January 17, 2010

What a Fan Hog!!

Okay in my last post I mentioned a pee pad, and for those of you who aren't really sure what that is let me take a moment and briefly explain. A pee pad is square that you put someplace out of the way that the dog can find. A pee pad has an absorbent side that the dog can go to the bathroom on.

My sister gets hot flashes a lot so she has four fans in her room that are usually always on. Whenever I go into her room I always have to wear a sweatshirt and I always have to have at least one blanket on me at all times. My sister has to go to chemo due to her illness, and one of the side effects of the chemo is that it gives my sister really bad hot flashes. ( Which for those of you who aren't sure what a hot flash is I'll tell you. A hot flash is when you get really hot no matter what the temperature may be outside, and in my sisters case she has to have a bunch of fans blowing on her before she can be comfortable in a room)

Anyways, I'm sitting in my sisters room with her right now as I'm posting this and personally I thinks it's freezing, but my sister thinks it feels just perfect but what can I do it's her room. Cocoa is also in her room,( as usual) and he is laying right in front of one of the fans in her room. He is laying on his back with his legs in the air and his tongue is hanging out of his mouth. He looks so content and happy.

I told my sister to look at the dog, because right now he looks pretty funny, and she said that he does that every time that she has the fans turned on. She calls him her little fan hog. He would rather sleep on the floor in front of one of the fans then sleep in her bed. She also said that when she turns the fans off Cocoa will sit up and look at the fan like, " what the hell just happened, where did all the cold air go?" She said that if she doesn't turn the fan back on the dog will then proceed to bark at the fan and start to chew on it till my sister turns it back on for him. He is such a spoiled little puppy.

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  1. Hilarious. Not to be too blue, but when our male dog lays on his back, my wife calls it his "porno shot," as he has little hair on his underbelly and is VERY exposed.

    Lauren, when you address a comment in a post, it's usually best to address it in the comments section, or if you think it will clarify--or bring new information to light for--a psot, you can post an "Update." Remind me to discuss this in class on Monday.