Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mans Best Friend

Last Wednesday my little sister got life flighted. When your on chemotherapy it makes your immune system very weak, and it very easy for someone with a weak immune system to get sick very quickly. Your immune system helps you fight of sickness and get you better faster. When your immune system is damaged it doesn't help you like it's supposed to.So, when you get something like a common cold it could be deadly to a person thats immune system is very weak like my younger sisters.

I was baby sitting my sister and she was playing with cocoa. Everything seemed to be perfectly fine. Then I heard my sister run to the bathroom and slam the door shut. At first I didn't think anything of it because my sister is always getting sick due to the chemotherapy. However, I new something was wrong when Cocoa was pawing at the bathroom door and she was still in the bathroom after 15mins..

So I went to the bathroom and found my sister laying on the floor crying, and telling me that she didn't feel good. I panicked because I had mentioned earlier her immune system is very weak and any kind of anything could become very deadly . I didn't have time to wait so I put my sister in my car and drover her to Licking Memorial Hospital. From there she was life flighted to Childrens Hospital.

My sister has been in the hospital since Wednesday, and I am taking care of Cocoa. Cocoa seemed to know that something wasn't right because he wasn't his normal self. Instead of being his normal self ( which includes chewing on shoes, barking at anything he see's outside, running around in circles to entertain himself when everyone else is busy, and much more), he just seemed to mope. Cocoa would just lie around only getting up long enough to go outside and eat. He was very lifeless. By Friday he was starting to scare me and I new my little sister would be very upset if anything happened to him. So, I took him to the vet.

The vet said that Cocoa was going to be okay. He was just probably depressed because he new that something was wrong with my sister, but he didn't know what. He told me to have him listen to my sister voice on the telephone and he should seem to perk back up to more of his normal self. So, that night I called my moms cell phone and had her put my sister on the phone. I told my sister that I was going to put Cocoa on the phone so that he could hear her voice because he missed her. When I put Cocoa near the phone and he heard my little sisters voice his whole body shook with excitment. I had to keep a very good hold on him because he was shaking so hard I thought I would drop him.

After talking to my sister Cocoa seemed to become his normal self. My sister is still in the hospital, but if everything goes as good as it is they are saying she can come home on Tuesday. I can't wait to see Cocoa when he finally gets to see my sister. I still have Cocoa listen to my sisters voice everynight, but I couldn't believe how muched he missed her when she first left. Dogs really are Mans Best Friend. Just like I know that Cocoa is my sisters Best Friend.


  1. I'm really sorry about your sister. I don't know exactly how she is feeling but i can relate in some ways. I know what its like to not have an immune system that isn't all that great yes mine is not nearly as bad a situation but I know how it feels to be sick. I'm glad cocoa is doing better and back to his normal self. I hope everything gets better soon for you.

  2. Lauren--

    I'm really pulling for your sister. It's amazing how dogs sense when something is wrong with their human companions, isn't it? Not only that, but for Cocoa to get emotional over you sister's distress--it truly is a touching thing.

    I really appreciate how you are writing both about this wonderful dog and your brave sister here.