Monday, February 1, 2010

RUN RUN!!!!!

My sister finally came back from the hospital on Thursday. She was kept a little longer than she was supposed to, but that was only because we wanted to make sure that she was really okay before she came back to our house. The day she came back to the house Cocoa went nuts. He was so excited to see her he jumped up and down, let out little happy barks, and so much more. On the flip side he somehow could tell that my sister was feeling worse than usually so he didn't go to over the top.

When my sister got home she was so excited to see her puppy. She hadn't seen him since she was rushed to the hospital. Although, if you would have seen her you wouldn't have thought she was that excited, but that is just because her energy level isn't like yours or mine. Her chemotherapy sucks down her energy level, sometimes it wears her out for her just to lift her arm.

Anyways Cocoa was the best little puppy I have ever seen. He just laid there by my sister and didn't move unless he had to get up and use his puppy pad or to eat or drink. He did this from the time my sister got home on Thursday to the time a new dog showed up on our door step on Saturday.

Yes, on Saturday morning Cocoa came across a playing buddy. My sister was sitting in her bed eating what she could of her breakfast when Cocoa started barking and becoming his hyper self again. She asked me to look outside and see what Cocoa was barking at so I did, and sitting on our door step was a basset hound. He didn't have a collar on him but he seemed friendly enough so we let him in the house. As soon as the dog walked into the house he took no time at all to become comfortable with his surroundings. However, Cocoa decided that this new dog was going to be a playmate.

For the rest of the day Saturday all day Sunday and Monday the two dogs have done nothing but run around and play with each other. The only time they aren't playing is when they are sleeping or eating. Even though Cocoa has a new playmate he still hasn't forgotten about my sister. Every ten or twenty minuets he would go into my sisters room and check up on her, and once he saw that she was still in her room and doing okay he would go right back to playing with his new found friend. Those two dogs have more energy than I have ever seen.


  1. This was a good read and I enjoyed. I use to have a dog and he was always happy and would always be running whenever he was outside. Also he was a good person to talk to even though he didn’t talk back. I really enjoyed his company because I came home from school all the time pissed about something. Every time he seen me he was wagging his tail and always jumping. That usually made my day because he would always do nothing and just sit there. That worked for me because I was lazy and he stayed happy while I did nothing.

  2. I am so jealous you get to have a puppy around. I have wanted a dog it seems forever and a day now. I am the biggest dog lover. I got a pup when I was three and now she is sixteen years old. I love her with all my heart and she is like a little sister to me but I can honestly say she is not very playful anymore. It made me smile reading that coca was so excited to see your sister when she got home. I thinks thats what dogs are there for; there always there for you no matter whats going on. Its kinda like your little side kick!

  3. Boy, our dogs love to play too. Ren, I'm glad your sister is back, and I'm sure that the energy that Cocoa and friend expend will invite your sister to feel a little more energetic herself.

    These posts are quite well written, and the links are well chosen.

  4. That I so cute, not many puppies will do things like that because of short intention spands like most children. I did have a dog that used to be like the puppy though, her name was Sheiba. She always would lay around who ever didn’t feel good or was having a bad day. She always seemed to know when something wasn’t right, and I think that’s something that dogs are just good at doing. The goal of the dog is to cheer the person up or just be the best company anyone could ask for in my opinion. I’m happy your sister could have a puppy like that.