Monday, March 8, 2010

Never Lose Faith

Last Tuesday my family got some really great news. A hospital in Florida wants to do an experimental treatment on my sister. They told my family that if my sisters takes the treatment it could save her life but even if it doesn't cure her like they would like it to, it will at least give her 6 more months to a year to live. No one can imagine how happy I was to hear this news. When my parents sat my sister Nikki and I down we were waiting for the worst, but then they told us that we would be going to Florida for mysister Kate. We were both so happy that we cried. I can't believe that my sister is going to have more time to be here. Now I don't have to worry that my sister won't be here when I wake up or go out to work. I don't have to say goodbye to her just yet. Time is all that I could ever ask for.

My Mom is taking Kate and Nikki to Florida on Wednesday so that Kate can start receiving her treatments as soon as possible. My dad and I are going to follow them out on Monday and stay with her for about two weeks. Kate is so excited to go, she keeps talking about it. I haven't seen her this excited in a long long time. She is smiling and laughing, and those are two things that have been in short supply in our house hold for a while now. Hopefully the laughing and smiling sticks around for a while because it makes our house seem a little less morbid, and when everyone is smiling and not so depressed it makes it seem like things aren't really as bad as they really are.


  1. This is so awesome! My husband is in your English class and I've been reading your blogs. Im so glad to hear that it might help her!

  2. Ren--

    I'm pulling for her. Glad to hear about the time. Getting additional time for ANYTHING is nearly impossible to achieve, so let's hear it for the time craftsmen!