Monday, March 15, 2010

This is it

Blogging is an interesting way to communicate with people and let others now what you are interested in or to just let others know what is on your mind. Sometimes you may blog because your frustrated and want to get others feedback about how you should go about the situation. Other times you just want to blog about something tha you feel strongly about, and to let others know your opinions and try to share them with the world. Some people may blog about things that are hard to talk about with people face to face but the person really just needs to get it off their chest.

People read blogs for many different reasons. Some of those reasons maybe that they want to learn more about something like animal assisted therapy. Others may read blogs because they need some inspiration. Maybe they or a family member of theirs is going through a really hard time and they want to see how someone else overcame the same or similar problem. Yet still others may read blogs because they want to be informed about the news and this is one of the easier ways that they know how to do that.

Blogging helps people stay connected. In the world that we live in there are so many different religions, cultures, ways that people do things in there daily lives. Blogging helps us all stay connected when sometimes our lives are so busy that it is really hard to be connected any other way. Some people think that blogging doesn't really serve a purpose and that it sometimes hinders our daily connections with people and the outside world. But in my honest opinion blogging brings us closer together in a way that without blogging it would be hard to do so.

To me bloggin was a big help. I didn't need the blogging to find out about the news or really to do research. Bloggin was a big help to me because it helped let me tell how I was feeling without really ever speaking the words. When my sister was sick I felt that if I just didn't talk about the problems and the fears then the problem wasn't really there, but as everyone knows the problem just doesn't go away. Every morning when I woke up my sister was still sick, and sometimes i didn't know how to deal with it, because everything was all bottled up inside of me. But by blogging I was able to get everything out and was able to talk about things without ever really having to speak the words. Blogging in my opinion is a very good thing, and I don't think that it is a waste of time or space.

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  1. i agree totally agree with you. even though some of the things that i blogged about dont really come close to some of the things you did, it still did help get let out some frustration of some things that went down while playing Call of Duty.

    one of my earlier blogs was about people who trash talk and a certain even that happend. i left out some stuff that really made me mad, but i still felt better after venting a bit

  2. I can relate a lot to how blogging has helped by never speaking a word. That's how it was with me I used blogging as a way to vent and to have people understand what I was going through. I really enjoyed reading your blog's through out this quarter even though your sister and I are on two totally different levels I feel as if I can relate to you and her so thank you for the great blogs you wrote through out this quarter. I hope you will update every now and then on how your sister is doing and I wish you and your family the best.

  3. At times when reading your blogs I became very sad, but knowing that I could open up your blog site and get an updaate on what was going on in your life became a relief for me. I hope being able to write about what was going on in your life and being able to speak about it with no words but through your emotions of writing helped you through this extremely difficult time in your life. Im glad you ended up saying in the end that blogging is a good thing. I do agree with you and I am happy to hear it got your through some of your troubles. I hope all is well and everything will work for the best!

  4. I don't care if most people don't want to read personal blogs (an opinion some--say, Talbot--hold); the fact is that you had a chance to express your feelings and connect with a few people along the way. Despite the use of machinery to do it, I can't think of a more human thing to do.